Diploma Validator

Diploma Validator

Introduction for Diploma
The Diploma Validator assists staff in centres to check speedily and easily that a Diploma apprentice is on a valid course of study. The Diploma Validator is meant for use primarily by program planners in Diploma place centres. If the programme of study is shown as valid, the learner can continue confident that, as long as they finish all the constituents, they will be qualified to arrogate a Diploma. The legal entity continues the Qualifications and program Authority, instituted under the Education Act 1997.

The Diploma Validator has been developed by Qualifications and program Development Agency. Applying the Diploma Validator to afford a former indication of an invalid curriculum of study will give your centre the chance to change the compounding of qualifications a learner is studying and recover any missed time on their new course if teaching has started. We objective to update the Diploma Validator regularly, and may change the content at any time.

More information about the Diploma Validator, including a fact sheet and frequently asked questions, is available from QCDA’s Diploma pages.

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