Distance Education Council

Distance Education Council 2011
Distance Education Council is an institution under the Indira Gandhi National Open University Act 1985; establish in New Delhi, Distance Education Council is regarded necessary and expedient to establish a Distance Education Council as an authority of the University under Section 16 of the Act. It responsible for the encouragement and coordination of the Open University and distance education system and for determination of its standards in India.

Distance Education Council consistent with the obligation of the University that takes all such steps as it may deem fit for the incitement of the Open University and distance education systems in the educational structure of the nation and for the coordination and determination of standards of education, valuation & research in such systems; and in following of the aims of the University to encourage greater flexibility, diversity, accessibility, mobility and authorship in education at the University level through creating comletely apply of the latest scientific knowledge and new educational technology, and to further cooperation between the existing Universities.

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