MBA at Victoria University

MBA at Victoria University

The Victoria University offers world best MBA curriculum for its students. The MBA is intended to offer a generic business education for those interested in management from business and non-business subjects. Scholars finish a core of subjects covering the business and management subjects and many scholars also select to complete a specialization in a particular business subject. It is expected that whole scholars will have relevant work experience, which is requirement for full participation in the curriculum.

MBA Study Mode: Full Time, Part Time,
Program Locations: Melbourne, Beijing, Singapore, Dhaka
Total Units: 8 compulsory; 4 elective

Victoria University MBA Program Specializations: Accounting, Business administration, Electronic commerce, Enterprise resource planning systems, Finance, General management, Hospitality, Human resource management, Information systems, International business and trade, International management, Law, Marketing, Public sector management, Retail management, Tourism

Completion Time Comments:
Melbourne: the Victoria University MBA curriculum is a regular course of 3 semesters duration (or part-time equivalent) and it is possible to finish the course within 12 months, depending on the available of the required disciplines.
First Semester – March to June
Second Semester – July to November
Third Semester – December to February

Singapore and Dhaka: it is possible to finish the curriculum in 4 semesters (approximately 16 months) depending on the available of the required disciplines.
First Semester – February to May
Second Semester – June to September
Third Semester – October to January

Beijing: the MBA curriculum takes 18 months regular (or part time equivalent)
First Semester – March to June
Second Semester – September to January

Contact Details

The Victoria Graduate School of Business
City Campus
Victoria University of Technology
PO Box 14428,
MCMC, Melbourne Victoria 8001

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