MMU Thesis

MMU Thesis
MMU stands for Multimedia University set up in 1996. This is Malaysia’s first private university. Multimedia University is a member of LAOTSE, an international network of guiding universities in Europe and Asia.Multimedia University has two campuses with one in Cyberjaya and another in Melaka.

MMU Thesis
MMU (Multimedia University) furnishes a guide for the submission and preparation of a postgraduate thesis/dissertation. MMU Thesis guide covers information on the procedure for thesis/dissertation submission, format, arrangement of the chapters, design and layout of the cover and preliminary pages, pagination and apply of font size and font type. MMU (Multimedia University) follows a modified version of the APA format. A thesis should normally have three sections: the preliminary pages or the front matter, the text or the body matter, and the references or back matter.

Multimedia University Melaka,
Jalan Ayer Keroh Lama,
75450 Melaka,

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