Postgraduate Course Digital Communication

Postgraduate Course Digital Communication

Postgraduate Digital communication Course is greatly expanding and there is a continual increase in the demand for specialized professionals. Digital communication postgraduate course, both on the basis of its subject content and the instruction provided, fits absolutely with the current scenario in education, both in Spain and abroad. This programme is committed to giving students an exhaustive conceptual framework and a systematic knowledge and understanding of the issues that are the forefront of Advertising and Digital Communications theory and practice theory.

Programmes Offered:-
Postgraduate in Digital Communication

Educational Qualification:-
Candidates applying for the Postgraduate Diploma in Advertising and Digital Communications must hold a minimum second class honours degree (2.2) or higher or equivalent third level qualification in any discipline.

Postgraduate Digital communication course is divided into nine modules with a total of sixteen credits, equivalent to 160 teaching hours: 150 hours of lectures and ten hours dedicated to the preparation and presentation of a digital advertising and media campaign as a final course project.

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